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The Britannia Tearooms

We are so excited to announce that Shakespeare's Afternoon Tea, is soon to have a new name. That new name is "Britannia Tearooms". We have found a new location at 2323 Midway Drive, San Diego 92110. This location used to be the "Old Waffle House" and we are currently renovating this to become an amazing "British Tearoom Experience". 

We are going to have a Sherlock Holmes sitting room, Mad Hatter's Tearoom (function room), Mary Poppins themed gift shop, Harry Potter bathrooms & so much more.


We want to make it really clear!! The current location is still open and we will only be moving the Afternoon Tea portion of the business. The Shakespeare's Corner Shoppe, will stay in the same location is has been for 22 years, 3719 India Street, San Diego 92103. We will use the patio at the shoppe for you to just sit and relax with a good brew "cuppa" and you can enjoy any of our baked goods, such as pies, pasties, sausage rolls and cakes or any shoppe products and just relax in an open cafe style.

We are still taking reservations here online for the afternoon tea and business will not be effected in any way. We will soon announce the grand opening date. Watch this space!

Reservations can be made here online for up to 60 days in advance for our current location for Shakespeare's Afternoon Tea. Reservations for the new location "Britannia Tearooms" will not be available to book until the end of July.

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