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Important Information (FAQ'S) You Need To Know When Making Your Reservation

We Are Open | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

We are currently closed *Thursdays 

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Important Information To Know When Booking your Reservation Experience With Us.

1.  If requiring a reservation today, please TEXT US AT: (619) 880 1832.  | This platform is for future bookings only.

2.  All reservations must be cancelled by phone by 6pm the night before your reservation date or you are responsible for all tea's booked. 

    (All our food is prepared specifically for each reservation on the day of the booking)

3.  Please put in special requests, how many vegetarians, gluten frees, vegans and children you are booking for. We cannot accommodate dietary changes on the day.

4.  If you are allergic to anything please also note this in special requests if you do not inform us of how many people are allergic no one will be served that item.

5.  Children four and above only please, we do not provide high chairs or space for strollers. Tea service takes an hour and a half and little ones do struggle with this.

6.  Please let us know the name of the guest celebrating an event in Special Requests.

7.  Please note we are NOT a celiac certified kitchen.

If in doubt please call. When making your reservation, please check you have inputted the correct contact number and email

for yourself as you will receive a text to confirm the reservation.


All reservations are to be made here, ONLINE, unless it doesn't allow you! WE NOW HAVE DIRECT TEXT MESSAGING: TEXT US AT (619) 880 1832.

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