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Welcome to The Britannia Tearooms. We are a British family-owned & operated. Selina’s dream of having a tearoom started with humble beginnings when she added a deck to the Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe.  There she grew the business with only four tables to a demand that could only result in one thing and so sixteen years on The Britannia Tearooms was born.  The dream of being able to accommodate more people with a themed ambiance was at the forefront in her search for new premises.  The moment Selina walked through the door at 2323 Midway Drive she knew what each room would be, Sherlock Holmes sitting room, Mad Hatter’s Tea room, English country garden tea room, Mary Poppins themed gift shoppe and of course the Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 bathrooms.

The very beginning with a knitting needle, blindfold  and a map, San Diego was the universe's choice for her US destination and what an amazing ride it has been for her.  Over the last 20 years Selina has built a business that stays true to her roots with tradition and authenticity being her guide, loving being able to share her love for all things British. 


Selina, who hails from Surrey, England, grew up watching her beloved Grandma Lucy bake in her kitchen. Selina had a dream of  owning her own tearoom and America has fulfilled that wish.  Bringing Grandma's recipes and age old ways of making everything by hand with authentic methods and ingredients. Shout out to Selina's Dad, Brian who is missed every day he had numerous retail shops throughout his life instilling in her at a young age about how important it is to love what you do.  Selina is a loving Mum to her son Alfie who has been raised to love all her shoppe & tearoom baked goodies. Shakespeare's Corner shoppe and The Britannia Tearooms is truly a family affair, creating a friendly and neighborly atmosphere, their motto is "There are no strangers here, only friends we haven't yet met!".

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619-683-2748 (BRIT)


2323 Midway Drive, (Point Loma) San Diego CA 92110

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